Song of the week: Science & Faith

#TheScriptChallenge this week celebrated this clever little love song.

It was Terhi’s favourite song so no surprise she chose it for this week.

“I love Science&Faith because it has a deep meaning to me. You can’t explain everything in life, there’s more than we can see.”

It resonates with Mark said in relation to the song:

“Even a scientist has to have faith, even if it’s just faith in science itself”

Read more about what the band says about Science & Faith here.

It’s proven to be an inspiring choice and many of you came up with amazing edits:

And what does this song mean to the fans?

I can’t help but feel happy when I hear this song. I also love the fact it explains the love connection between two people. (Lorna)

You can’t break down love to chemicals, there’s more about this feeling between two persons than science will ever know. (Claudi)

I like it because it’s about two humans talking about their future(right?). I simply love metaphors & they chose right words. (Sangie)

Science and faith for me is about the love 2 people have for each other
and that love is the ultimate chemistry and its something which can’t be explained unless you’ve experienced it (Adele)

For me personally it means that when you have met someone in your life sometime or you are with the person you love, that you shared or share a chemistry that you just can’t describe. You can try to explain it but you just can’t. It is something only you can feel or you both can only feel. That’s why I love the sentence :
You can break everything down to chemicals but you can’t explain a love like ours. (Esther)

Science & Faith is a very special song for me. I adore it. tune melody and lyrics especially. and the most irony maybe is that I’m Chemist.. well I’m studying it to be one. but on the other side I’m really emotional person so I understand song perfectly. no matter how much time I spend learning chemistry or work in a lab that won’t teach me anything about love or people or how the world works or how cruel or beautiful in the same time it could be.. so take advice from me no matter what don’t forget to live your life or fall in love or even be heartbroken. life is only yours and not the most perfect scientists can’t bring your wasted days back. (Valentina)

Our Spirits, Souls or “The Energy that Never Dies” is a part of us that can’t be seen through any magnifying glass. This is the part of us that can have the FAITH to let someone into your life. The HOPE for a life together with this person. The HEART and SOUL or passion and desire to make things work in a relationship. Lastly the LOVE, to give ourselves completely to this person and to Love them with everything we have; our spirits, heart and soul. This is the most incredible yet indescribable feeling ever. Love is why we exist, it’s the deepest emotion. Yet I didn’t even touch the surface of what Love is, because you can’t describe Love. “It’s the way we FEEL, yeah this is REAL”. (Julee)

For me, ‘Science and Faith’ remains to this day, one of the most special songs that @thescript have ever written. Maybe it’s because secretly I’m a bit of a romantic idealist at heart so excuse me while I get a little deep!! 😉
I love the whole concept of this song, lyrically it is extremely clever. For me it represents that special once in a lifetime connection that happens between two people if you are lucky enough to find that kind of love. It means that there is such a thing as everlasting love, but that bond, that special connection cannot be explained in a scientific way ie. x + y = z , but that there are stronger forces at work ~ be that a ‘spiritual’ connection, fate, the universe, that bring those two people together. It can’t be explained by science, nor reason~ If the forces align and fate intervenes, it just happens. It is about finding the love of your life, your soulmate and the fact that you cannot predict when, how or even IF this will happens….if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be.That’s my interpretation of it anyway….. :)💕🌈 (Kirsty)


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