Quotes for your #RnRedits

You’ve until tomorrow to send your edit inspired by books of The Rock ‘n Roll Diaries. And if you need inspiration, here are some quotes collected by you on twitter 😉

Check out the details of the competition here.

Perhaps every puzzle doesn’t have a solution.

A quartet of teenage opposites.

Who will get the girl?

I know all the words to all the songs.

I’m an emotional yoyo.

What am I going to spend this money on? I’ve got all the star wars lego I need right now.

A great drummer is the heartbeat of any band.

Talent guided by genius can achieve anything.

Because you didn’t know I existed and I’ve been in love with you since the first time I saw you.

It’s true what they say about words hurting more than blows.

It’s slowly getting ridiculous.

A bird ban. As in no girlfriends come on tour with us.

You’re the best person we’ve seen all day.

It’s cool because letting yourself go is cool!

And at least that way he gets to see his baby.

Or just choose a random line:

The deadline for the edits is tomorrow, Wednesday midnight GMT! Go on, I’d love to see what you’ll come up with!



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