#FanFriday with Sangie

Please welcome the very awesome Sangie on the blog and on Facebook today! She’ll love all your comments 😉

Tell us about yourself, where are you from, what do you like and, very important, how do you like your pancakes?

Hi there, who am I? Usually refer to myself as Mad Human Being, ’cause sometimes even I don’t know what to expect from myself. Apart from that, I’m big lover of coffee, tea, pasta, elephants, birds, autumn & rain. I said rain, ’cause it has some “calm down” effects on me & I really enjoy walks on rainy days, even when fucking wind is annoying me a lot sometimes. I just look around and world stops somehow. There are many things I like to do in my free time, or “busy time” as well (cause I can’t help it). It’s reading, watching old classic movies, tv shows, going to pubs for a pint(s) with friends, listening to awesome songs, taking pics, chatting with #TheScriptFamily & cooking..

I love my pancakes with banana, jam or honey & sometimes I’m too weak so its just chocolate all over it, so you can’t even see the pancake.

(Editor’s note: aw, the best way to eat pancakes is when you don’t see it!)

Question from Julee, our previous Friday Fan: How has The Script changed or impacted your life?

They changed my life for sure, in so many ways. First of all, when I discovered them, I was just weird teenage girl who heard one song and after few months, they were one of my favorite bands. And it was because they helped me to find my inner self I think. They gave us amazing songs -true music! And a loving #TheScriptFamily. & because of that, I love them even more. I feel blessed to be part of our family, ’cause.. Humans here.. truly gave me hope when -let’s say I was a bit more depressed than I am normally.

(Editor’s note: jokes aside, I think this is very important. People have the opportunity to be wonderful, and if you surround yourself with others who bring the best out of you by being the best they can, your life will truly change.)

Have you ever met anyone from #TheScriptFamily from online? What was it like?

I met Rosanne last summer. We met in Frankfurt, she came from Holland, I came from Slovakia & we were waiting together for The Script & I was happy that I finally met her!

With Rosanne

With Rosanne

I’ve met there Mirela there too & found out that we can speak Croatian together, after talking for few minutes haha!

With Miranda

With Miranda

I’ve met these amazing girls after asking Jackie & asking her if she’s Helen, I was too confused that day!

From left to right: Simone, Jackie, Liz, Helen & me.

From left to right: Simone, Jackie, Liz, Helen & me.

I’ve met Rosário on 7th November(Bad Bobs I think). I love how we managed to meet in Dublin, it was short, but good!


I’ve never talked to her before I’ve met her, think I am saying it for both-first day we were pretty much like this: “What the fuck is she doing here?” But then, I was so happy to spend Christmas & rest of holidays with her in Dublin!

My fofa girl, Victoria! ♥

My fofa girl, Victoria! ♥

What’s your favourite thing about the lads?

I think it’s their lovely personalities, how kind they always are with #TheScriptFamily. I’ve never seen a band dedicated this much to their fans (family) as Mark, Glen & Danny. Or, the fact that they have other things to do in their free time and still manage to catch up with us is amazing. (Twitter, Periscopes, IG..)

(Editor’s note: and we’re greedy and still want more. Ooops!)

Why do you think they attract so many lovely people as their fans?

Ah, why me.
Okay, honestly we can all agree on the fact that THEIR PERSONALITIES is one of the reasons here. They’re so humble, caring, funny & have flaws just like any other human, so that’s the main reason we fancy them.
On the other hand, every fan is different.
Some know lads from their first years, some started to listen to them when their song with Will I Am gone viral & all world went crazy (You all know what song I meant, don’t you?). So sorry to say it like this, but the second thing is: FAME.
And after all, it can be this, too:
1.They’re irish.
2.They’re amazing musicians.
3.Their accent.
4.Truly good looking lads.
*and now half of #TheScriptFamily hates me* 😀

(Editor’s note: no, we don’t. *Looks around sternly* Right?)

Have you seen The Script live? How did it make you feel?

So I saw the lads just twice. It was summer ’15. And I’m really grateful I was able to see them after many years of waiting. First gig was in Budapest, my last minute decision & one of the best I’ve ever made. I’ll never forget that day, how they made me feel. I was very excited, happy and a bit nervous, but that was just lack of sleep(haven’t sleep for 2nights). I remember few moments brought tears to my eyes & it was amazing!


The day after when I wrote them a message, they replied

Got this from Sziget :) have it all the time with me. And have other one from Frankfurt too, which is on my nacklace, so it's with me all the time too. :)

Got this from Sziget 🙂 have it all the time with me. And have other one from Frankfurt too, which is on my nacklace, so it’s with me all the time too. 🙂

This pic is one of my favorite from Frankfurt, captured them all! ♥

This pic is one of my favorite from Frankfurt, captured them all! ♥

Was on Mark's side

Was on Mark’s side

Which Script song represents you the most and why?

One of them is You Won’t Feel A Thing. It’s like they took broken parts of me and simply put them together + it always makes me emotional and gives me hope.

What’s your favourite Script-related memory?

There are so many. One of them was soundcheck in Frankfurt, other one was Christmas buskin on Grafton St.

Soundcheck in Frankfurt

Soundcheck in Frankfurt


Colton was amazing, he even came out & talked to everyone who asked him something! :)

Colton was amazing, he even came out & talked to everyone who asked him something! 🙂

Busking on Grafton street

Busking on Grafton street

Glen on Grafton street

Glen on Grafton street

What other music do you like to listen to? (Include a YouTube or Spotify link if possible)

I lke a lot of different genres, jazz, metal, pop, rock. One of my two public playlists on spotify:


What question would you like the next Friday Fan to answer?

Name 3 things their songs gave you.

Thank you for your answers Sangie! 


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