Competition with The Rockateers

Expanding the blog pages into the music of The Rock ‘n Roll Diaries, The Rockateers, here’s your chance to get featured here. (Check the already published pages if you haven’t read them yet. It’s a beautiful collaboration!)


To take part in the competition here’s what you need to do.

  1. Listen to The Rockateers EP, Making It session and Having It session. (I would normally link Spotify in but I’m holding a grudge against them at the moment. I’m sure you can find the songs though lol.)
  2. Choose a line you like. (Check out the lyrics here if you’ve any doubts. Thanks to Melinda, Julee and Jane for helping me with them!)
  3. Create two edits. Yes, you’ve read that right, not one, but TWO (2) edits: one with a line from The Rockateers EP or the Making It sessions (see the song list below), and one with a line from the Having It sessions.
  4. Share them on twitter until Friday, the 26th of February with the hashtag #RnRmusic.
  5. Enjoy! 🙂 You’ll be eliminated if you’re not having fun lol.

How does that sound? Are you in? I hope you are, I can’t wait to see all the awesome edits you’re creating.

Remember, one of the edits needs to be from one of these songs:

  • Satellites
  • Bet On You
  • Love & War
  • Crash & Burn
  • Hold Me There

The second edit would need to from this group:

  • True Love’s Arrow
  • Home
  • Shelter
  • Fall From Grace

You can send them in the same tweet or separately, up to you. You’re more than welcome to do more than two edits!

Any questions, feel free to ask and please share this if you can.



3 thoughts on “Competition with The Rockateers

  1. Hi Andrea,
    I am planning to visit Dublin Ireland during the this weekend for travel and leisure.

    It is gonna be my first time there and as a part of The Script family, I would love to know what place to visit to see anything related to this wonderful band.

    I am from Malaysia (currently studying in the UK) and I’ve seen their concert once in Malaysia and it was amazing.

    Hope to hear from you.


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