Thank you for all your awesomeness! #RnRedits #RnRmusic

These past weeks saw some very inspirational flow of art about The Rock ‘n Roll Diaries and I’m grateful to every one of you for taking part.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us, and it was great to see all the different ways you used lines from the books and lines from the songs of The Rock ‘n R Diaries. That creative togetherness is the best win, and the only one that counts.

Special thanks for being so supportive to each other. It meant a lot to see how much you shared and loved what others worked on. Our little community is a truly special corner of the Twittersphere.

Extra thank you to Melinda, who was kind of to help me select our favourites – it was an awfully tough job, let me tell you! Next time don’t be this awesome, would you? 😉

Please, keep up that positivity, check out the pages and comment and share if you can. All the creators will be thankful for that 💚


You might’ve seen the edits that I’ve chosen for the pages but here’s a refresher.

Check out Julee’s edit for the main page, “Not Just A Band“. I just loved the line and the way Jamie’s picture reflected it. (See more of that on Julee’s twitter.)

The summary of The Rock ‘n Roll Diaries enjoys the addition of 3 most popular edits you’ve liked and RT’d: Sangie’s pale and beautiful white edit and Rosanne’s classy black and white creation is nicely countered by the strong red in Claudia’s work. Click on their names to follow them on twitter, they always post something stunning.

The story of Making It is recounted by the wonderful Ivanna and is supported with great edits from Isa and Jane.

The second book, Having It, is summarised by the amazing Sammi with stunning edits from Adele and Nanette. I hope you’ll check them all as they’re great tweeps, you know!

The edits are all available on Facebook if you’d like to see them all in one page. (Which I wholeheartedly recommend!)


I’ve used Lusiana’s edit for the main project page, which is pretty stunning with its powerful contrast of black ice and red fire.

The summary of The Rock ‘n Roll Diaries displays the 3 most voted edits:

Click on the names to visit and follow their twitter.

The music page (click here) was written by Courtenay, Sammi and Kirsty. Their exquisite and passionate description of The RockAteers music is a testament to the talented musicians who were involved in it. Their words are supported by the cheeky edit of Sangie, the graceful edit of Catherine, the stunning creation of Valentina and the touching edit of Anda.

Don’t forget to check them all 😊

Coming up

It’s been a lot if fun to compile these pages and the collaboration with you all was very inspiring. We still have some pages to fill in “The Script’s special projects“, and next up is Colton Avery! Watch this space on Thursday.

In the meantime join us for #TheScriptChallenge2016 if you’d like an inspiration to your arts and edits!




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