Make 2 edits with Colton’s lyrics #ColtonEdits

As you know, we, you and me together, are creating the pages for The Script’s other projects. Next up is Colton Avery.

We’re going to talk about Colton’s first album, how he met The Script and his new songs.

But I need your help.

I’d like to feature 4 edits with Colton, one for the summary page and 3 for his own, one of which would be about his first album.

You have 6 days until next Wednesday to send at least 2 edits, one preferably with his old songs.

I’ll pick one for the project page and the 3 with the most votes will be used on Colton’s page. Voting will start next Thursday, 10th of March, and finish on the 14th.

You can find the lyrics to Colton’s songs here. (Thanks to Anda for giving it to us.)

Hope you’ll join the challenge and have fun! Please, share this page in any case to let people know 💚



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