#FanFriday with Valentina

Introducing our Friday Fan, the gorgeous Valentina. Please welcome her as warmly as you usually do and if you don’t follow her, get to it now 🙂


Hello Valentina! How would your best friend (or your mum, your choice!) introduce you to us?

Hahah funny..I’m actually imagining that. 😉 Well my name is Valentina. I come from a beautiful small country called Croatia (if you don’t know where it is check it on Google ‘cause we have a lovely coast,great food etc. *innocent face* *wink*).

(Editor’s note: I’m convinced! When are we going? :))



I’m 22 years old (yeah I’m old XD). I’m a chemist student at Faculty of Science. When I don’t need to study or be at college I love to read a good book, write a song, maybe do some edits and definitely listen music (really can’t live without it).

(Write a song she said! I’m intrigued!)


Question from Joyce, our previous Friday Fan: Are there any quotes that one of the lads has said, or any actions that they have done that really stands out to you?

I really love how they treat their fans aka #TheScriptFamily. They love to hear our stories no matter how sad or happy they are. And if you think about it, they really don’t have to do that but they decided to listen and help.

I do love Mark’s speech from Croke Park. I even made an edit for it (and I’m very proud of it ^^) And of course Dan’s speech before Hall of Fame (gives me chills even now).

(You’re absolutely right to be proud of that edit, it’s gorgeous!)


It’s March. Soon, a quarter of the year will be gone. Have you stuck to any of your New Year’s resolution? (I know, I’m mean! *evil laugh: hahahaha*)

Hahaha oh my..I have to admit this is not easy question at all. I have to disappoint you I didn’t make any New Year’s resolution ‘cause I know I would break them. I know that’s kinda not good but with my college and schedule I sometimes barely have time to do something I love.

(Damn, evil trap escaped!)

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Hmmm..weeeell..like a person who is a part of #TheScriptFamily I’m really looking forward to the new album from the lads. Speaking of that I secretly wish that they finally put my country on their tour list (we are working on it *wink wink*). Then I would really love to be brave enough to publish more of my songs on Wattpad but for a girl who is not so secure about herself doing that is a scary and a big thing.


Photo by Peter Neill, Shoot The Sound

Have you ever met anyone from #TheScriptFamily from online? What was it like?

NO! I haven’t and I’m really sad about that. I got to know some of the most amazing and inspiring persons there who understand my love for The Script and music in general, and they really don’t judge you on the first look (or tweet ‘cause we’re on Twitter,) and they are so supportive. I made good friends here (even found out a lot of people from #TheScriptFamily have relatives from Croatia or Balkan).

I even run a Twitter account for The Croatian Script Family with my 2 amazing girls @sangellover and @Glens_gal to make sure lads know we exist. Since August last year we accomplished a lot. Lads followed us (we’re sure it was Mark) and we got reply from Glen. #TheScriptFamily showed us amazing support and even one radio station recently said our name on air ‘cause we always says thank you when they play The Script songs. Every day we’re sure that the number of fans in Croatia is growing (even DJ’s on radio asked themselves why the lads still didn’t have concert here). If you like to check our stories what we’ve done already or our edits feel free to check that account here -> @TheScriptCroati (sorry Andrea for self promoting *hiding my face*)

(Promote away! It’s all about The Script lol)

If we have a meetup this year, would you like to come?

Hell yeah!! I really would but I think I won’t have money for it. I mean I’m a student and all my money is spent on college (“benefits of our country” *rolling my eyes*). And ‘cause you mention it I really have to say BIIIIG THANK YOU for including Dubrovnik on your list of potential cities for meetup. You made one Croatian girl really happy. *jumping around the room*

(I’d totally love to go there so I was kinda selfish lol)

Have you seen The Script live yet?

No, I haven’t even though I was reeeeaaaally close to see them. Last summer they were performing on Sziget Festival (which is actually just 4 hours of driving away from my town *sniff*) and I wanted to go but that year was really tough for my family so I decided not to go.


Photo by Peter Neill, Shoot The Sound

Which Script song represents you the most and why?

I would have to say that would beeee..hm..I think Science & Faith. I’m a dreamer and really emotional person (my mum says that since i was little :P) and on the other side I’m a chemist so I understand those lyrics perfectly. No matter what I learned about the world of chemistry that won’t help me understand people or the world or love. I will need to discover that by myself which sometimes isn’t easy at all.

(That’s just beautiful!)


Which Script song makes you feel like love is always worth it?

Well I would say Hurricanes. People these days give up on love to easy. They don’t fight for it like they don’t even believe in it anymore. But if you love someone you should fight for that person. Show how special that person is to you and be there for him/her even when you’re laughing or having a bad fight. Like the song says :” Like thunder and lightning go in the one
Together we make the perfect storm
You’re like the wind, I’m like the rain
Together we both make hurricanes” 😉


Photo by Peter Neill, Shoot The Sound

What other music do you like to listen to?

Uuu..I always answer that I love to listen what I like when I hear it. I really love old stuff (referring like “the music our parents listened to”). Recently I started to listen Guns ‘n’ Roses and Queen again (they were my fav bands since i was 13 years old and they still are). I adore Jessie J and Evanescence too. But actually it really depends on my mood what music I will listen in certain moment.

What question would you like the next Friday Fan to answer?

What things did you learn listening to lyrics from The Script songs?

Thank you Valentina for answering all this, it’s been a pleasure to get to know you a little better! ☺


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