#FanFriday: the wrap-up

Thanks to all who have joined, with edits. Your visits, comments, answers were heart-warming. What a lovely bunch you are! To finish off this project (until for a while), let’s look back to all.

I’ve always liked to challenge you and we had quizzes and treasure hunts before when in August we kicked off the editing challenge. So many of you joined (with the loss of my laptop I can’t tell you the exact numbers but it was overwhelming). As a thanks for the most frequent participants, in 2016 you met one each week.

The Friday Fans


The brave first one. Our language wizard from Switzerland.

Twitter: AndaAndrijanic

Best quote: Something that is done without love, is something that will not last.

Her Script-song: “This=Love”, because I try to put love in everything that I do.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: Hurricanes.



The gal who keeps on giving.

Her twitter: Dizzychick01

Best quote: they sing from the heart and sing about real things that we’ve all been through at one point in our life.

Her Script-song: Give The Love Around as it’s kind of the way I try to live and treat people with love and respect and try to be the best person I can be.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: I’m Yours

Your submissions: on facebook



The girl who owns Glen’s T-shirt.

Her twitter: adeleroberts79

Best quote: Any song of The Script makes me happy.

Her Script-song: Superheroes. I’ve learned to turn that pain into power. It’s made me a stronger person.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: The Energy Never Dies. Check all the edits made for that challenge here.



2 words: Finnish precision 🙂

Her twitter: TheScript_Terhi

Best quote: The way they treat us fans like family, it’s very special.

Her Script-song: I love Science&Faith because it has a deep meaning to me. You can’t explain everything in life, there’s more than we can see.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: Science & Faith



My superhero. The one person who is ALWAYS there for others and the one person who would have every reason not to.

Her twitter: juleerandy

Best quote: I LOVE the MEN that they are, they are great examples of LOVE, HUMILITY, COMPASSION.

Her Script-song: Flares because I have been so blessed to have so many people “out there sending out flares”.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: Flares. Check all the edits for this song here.



The “Mad Human Being” ☺

Best quote: What the fuck is she doing here?

Her Script-song: You Won’t Feel A Thing. It’s like they took broken parts of me and simply put them together.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: “what don’t kill a heart only makes it strong”. Check the responses here.


The young one from the Netherlands.

Best quote: Every single time I hear it I feel proud and strong again.

Her Script-song: ‘The End Where I Begin’. Going through a hard time can only make you stronger!

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: “Music was the home for your pain.” Here’s what you sent in return.


Our quiet American from the beautiful California.

Best quote: I’d also want to know how it would feel like being tall.

Her Script-song: Millionaires because I feel like the lads perfectly described in a song that you don’t have to be rich to be happy and to just live life to the fullest.

Her challenge: Millionaires. The edits in response are on Facebook.

Read her full interview here.


Our chemist from Croatia, art and science rolled into one person.

Her twitter: tinatsangel

Best quote: People these days give up on love to easy. They don’t fight for it like they don’t even believe in it anymore.

Her Script-song: Science & Faith. No matter what I learned about the world of chemistry that won’t help me understand people or the world or love. I will need to discover that by myself.

Read her full interview here.

Her challenge: any line performed by Mark, featuring his photo.

Here are your beautiful creations for this challenge  💚

What’s next?

It’s lovely to see how creative the responses are, so we’ll return soon and it’ll be even better 🙂 Take a rest in the meantime and join us for St Paddy’s Day! (Click here for info.)

Make sure to check back on the 21st about the next fun stuff! 


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