Daily challenge for April: #TheScriptAtoZ

The A to Z blog challenge of April returns to The Script Bible!

In April, thousands of bloggers join to post following the alphabet from A to Z. There is no set topic so everyone can choose their own following the letter of the day. It’s a great way to discover new blogs, connect to people with similar interests and have lots of fun. This year I am also proud to join Damyanti’s team of volunteers to help with the organisation. Check them all here in their pure awesomeness.

Today is the day when those of us with a specific theme will ceremoniously (or simply) share it with the world! Are you ready?


The topic of April: the beauty of lyrics and edits. Aka picture quotes!

Day by day I will feature a line of one of The Script songs with a beautiful edit created by Despina from ScriptManiacs exclusively for the blog – quotes you will love, edits you will admire.

We are proud to be joined by Julia from Six Degrees of Adoration for Facebook and Lisa from The Script Nation on Instagram with their own take on some of the lines.

We all hope you’ll enjoy the creations and the songs behind them! Would love to hear your thoughts and your own themes, so please leave a comment.

Would you like to join us and create edits / drawings / photos in the daily topic? Tune in on Saturday for more details!


PS: Join me on the A to Z challenge theme reveal on Music and Words. It’s pretty awesome too if I say so myself! Click here to go back to the list to check out the rest of the themes shared today in the A to Z challenge.

PPS: Here’s a preview for what’s coming in April. Isn’t that gorgeous?



14 thoughts on “Daily challenge for April: #TheScriptAtoZ

  1. Great choice of theme, I love quotes and they are nice and short which seems to work well in the challenge!

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