New challenge: Join us at #TheScriptAtoZ

You’re cordially invited to flex those editing / drawing / photo sharing muscles and post daily with #TheScriptAtoZ.

As you’ve read on Monday, April is dedicated to the daily edits following the alphabet as part of the A to Z blogging challenge. I’d like you to be an active part of it so I hope you’ll join in creating edits, drawings, photos of your own.



1. Follow the list below.

We have put together the list of songs / lines for the daily challenge.

You can choose as many or as few as you’d like. You don’t have to do all of them to participate!

2. Use the extra instructions, they’re fun (we hope ;))

3. Credit the photographer when possible 🙂

4. Share your pics on the day on any social media with BOTH #TheScriptAtoZ #TSletterA (the 2nd # being changed daily).

5. Check the blog daily to get inspiration from Despina, Julia or Lisa.

6. Leave a comment for others on their creation, share the love 💚

The rewards

Join us mostly for the joy of creating something really cool. But if that’s enough (really, it should be 🙂 ) here are a couple things you might enjoy.

You can become a #FridayFan

The Friday Fans in May (and if needed onwards) will be chosen from the most active participants: the more days you participate in, the more points you collect.

(What is a Friday Fan? From January till March there was one fan featured on the blog with an interview. Check them out here.)

Your edit will be shared all over the social media 🙂

The edits shared on Instagram with the daily hashtag will be also be linked in on here, on The Script Bible facebook page, on tumblr and on twitter crediting your Instagram username. Unfortunately this is NOT possible if you only share the edit on twitter so if you don’t have Instagram, ask a friend to share it for you.

Just to clarify: it’s totally awesome to share it on twitter, it just won’t be pulled automatically. (If you know a workaround to do that, let me know, I was searching very hard!)

Optional photobook

At the end of the month with Pastbook we can create a quick and lovely-looking photobook based on the hashtag (so they say). You can browse it online free of charge or you can order the print if you want a keepsake. (You’ll have to pay for that one I’m afraid.) Either way, it’ll be nice to look at!


You will also have my undying gratitude for joining 🙂

#TheScriptAtoZ list

Please follow the instructions if you’d like to join with creating edits, drawings, paintings, or any other crafts or graphics.

Remember: you DON’T have to do all of them. Join when you can, however you can.

Most of them are song titles so it’s up to you what line you choose but certain letters have specific lines.

Use the daily hashtag on the day to share your edits on instagram.

1 Apr, Fri – #TSletterA: Anybody There [use the colour blue with any combination]
2 Apr, Sat – #TSletterB: Breakeven [feature Danny]

4 Apr, Mon – #TSletterC: Coz this love it transcends… [this edit is totally up to you, no extra requirements ]
5 Apr, Tue – #TSletterD: Dead Man Walking [use angels or angel wings]
6 Apr, Wed – #TSletterE: Exit Wounds [use some red]
7 Apr, Thu – #TSletterF: For The First Time [ up to you]
8 Apr, Fri – #TSletterG: Good Ol’ Days [feature Mark]
9 Apr, Sat – #TSletterH: HoF [use only abstract forms, no humans ;)]

11 Apr, Mon – #TSletterI: I’m Yours [ up to you]
12 Apr, Tue – #TSletterJ: “Just no words”… [use more lines, let the words be the focus of your edit]
13 Apr, Wed – #TSletterK: Kaleidoscope [use a plethora of colours]
14 Apr, Thu – #TSletterL: Long Gone & Moved On [feature Glen]
15 Apr, Fri – #TSletterM: Man On A Wire [use a wire]
16 Apr, Sat – #TSletterN: No Good In Goodbye [use a heart]

18 Apr, Mon – #TSletterO: “Open your mind, take a look within…” (It’s Not Right For You) [use a silhouette]
19 Apr, Tue – #TSletterP: Paint The Town Green [use some green paint of course ;)]
20 Apr, Wed – #TSletterQ: Quite like you…”I’ve never seen anything quite like you tonight” [use a bride]
21 Apr, Thu – #TSletterR: Rusty Halo [use orange with any combination]
22 Apr, Fri – #TSletterS: Six Degrees Of Separation [use the tarot cards somewhere]
23 Apr, Sat – #TSletterT: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved [feature all 3 members]

25 Apr, Mon – #TSletterU: Universe… “The wonders of the universe are so near” (Howl at the moon) [use nature]
26 Apr, Tue – #TSletterV: Valentine’s Day… “It was February 14th Valentine’s day, the roses came but they took you away” (If You Could See Me Now) [use white and red roses]
27 Apr, Wed – #TSletterW: We Cry [use birds]
28 Apr, Thu – #TSletterX: Xplode… “Now light a match, stand back, watch ‘em explode” (Superheroes) [use fire]
29 Apr, Fri – #TSletterY: You Won’t Feel A Thing [no extra requirements]
30 Apr, Sat – #TSletterZ: Zone… “This world’s a war zone” (Army of Angels) [use photos of war from around the world]

Download this list as a picture to share easily. 

If you’re stuck, you can always find inspiration in the creation of others, or ask us a question.

Our featured contributors

Despina from ScriptManiacs:

1613899_10206363984687294_6749733253017818092_nBased in Greece, Despina is a law student with a passion for art and technology. After completing a web design curse, she started building a strong interest in graphic design. Self-taught, she is currently battling the Photoshop beast – one design at a time.

Julia from 6 Degrees of Adoration:

IMG_20160326_001431My name is Julia, I live in the Netherlands and last year I started studying Graphic Design. I love the Script because I started listening to their music when I didn’t feel well. Next to that they where the first band I loved and they will always be my favorites. The reason I love editing is because I can practice on my photoshop skills and show my appreciation for the lads at the same time. 🙂

Lisa from The Script Nation:

IMG_20160326_001751I’ve been a fan of The Script since 2013 when I first heard about them with their song called “Hall of fame.” I really liked it and so I started listening more to their music, the passion and the soul they put in their songs it’s just unbelievable. I’m proud to call them as my idols and be part of this amazing family!

Follow them if you haven’t yet 🙂

See you in April!


Andrea, Despina, Julia, Lisa 💚


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