#TSletterB: Breakeven #TheScriptAtoZ

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One of the biggest hits from The Script album (also known as “Falling to pieces” in America) it’s the band’s third ever single. It’s known as one of the slowest climbers on the US charts, it took two years to reach number 12.


Edit by Despina @ScriptManiacs

About making the video lead singer Danny explained:

“We were going through the cards and one of them was my ex-girlfriend. It was surreal because the song is partly about her so I was, ‘Nope, next, no way’. She’s a struggling actress and model back home and obviously her agency put her up for it. It’s one for the books, I’ll say. It could have made for some real onscreen tension.” (Daily Star, 2008)

The video features Irma Mali instead, who Danny fell in love with “in one day on the set”. They were together for 4 years, unfortunately they split up since.

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The song is about struggle of seeing the person you were (are) in love with moving on from you. What are your “favourite” break-up songs? (If there’s anything to favourite about a breakup…)

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Today’s featured blogger is Damyanti, one of the co-hosts of the A to Z challenge, my lovely guide and coach as a volunteer. Check out her A to Z posts about Project Why, a charity that works with the slum children and women.


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