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This line is from The Energy Never Dies, a fan favourite from The Script’s latest album released in 2014. Even though there was a definite demand to have it released as a special single that would include the more upbeat, live version of the song, it has never happened. The live version is only available through video footage.


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The Script mostly sings about topics that happen in their own lives, events that directly influenced how they feel. From time to time they look out onto a big picture. The band’s lead singer, Danny explained that with this song it was one of the main goals:

“There are a lot of worries on people’s minds at the moment. Terrorism and the threat it carries — like someone might go to work one day and not return. So with that song we wanted to give a sense of hope.” (Sun, 2014)

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It’s easy to blend the moments of the day into each other without stopping to “take every minute” as they come. What are your favourite reminders to be mindful in the moment?

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