#TSletterD: Dead Man Walking #TheScriptAtoZ

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Dead Man Walking was a live favourite on the Science & Faith tour of 2011 with its upbeat tempo that allowed a lot of dancing both on stage and in the audience.

Fun Fact:

Lead guitarist and co-writer’s Mark Sheehan’s favourite musician, David Bowie has a song with the same name from 1997. Apart from Mark maybe remembering the expression subconsciously, the two songs are very different. The Script’s version refers to the heartache of a break-up, while Bowie’s song is about growing old.


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Now for the dreaded question: which Dead Man Walking do you prefer? Bowie or The Script? (You knew this was coming when I included two videos, didn’t you! 🙂 )

Hop over to Music & Words to check out today’s post about David Cook, who had the pleasure of being supported by The Script in the US in 2009. We have a very cool dramatic reading for you there!

Today’s featured blogger is Vidya, fellow member of D Company. She’s blogging from Bangalore from FOUR blogs, bless her productive fingers! Give her some cheering on, visit her here!


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