#TSletterE: Exit Wounds #TheScriptAtoZ

Now this is one of my personal favourites, so you HAVE TO love this! 🙂

It was released on the Science & Faith album in 2011 and is about the damage relationships can cause.

“We often imagine that I suppose, just walking down the street that you see people with these little holes in their body but when you look at their back they’ve got these giant holes in them where somebody has actually left them with these massive scars. Those scars are who you are. Those scars are all those experiences and what you’ve gone through life for. I think what we’re trying to achieve in this song was to try and accurately portray that moment, literally that second you find out the bad news.” (Danny O’Donoghue and Mark Sheehan, songwriters of The Script as quoted on tumblr)


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We all have that gaping hole to cover when we lose someone we loved, but still, with all that bleeding, isn’t love still worth it?

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Today’s featured blogger is Misha from our awesome D’s Company who will share details and extracts from her upcoming book, Endless. Check out, you’ll love it endlessly! (Sorry, bad pun lol)


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