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It was the first single released from second album, Science & Faith. It gave The Script their first number 1 song on the Irish charts. Written about the economical hardships Ireland was facing after the Celtic Tiger was gone, it resonated with many.

Mark Sheehan, guitarist-songwriter explained about the situation the song was born in:

“Two years had gone by where we had toured around the world and lost touch with the economic crisis in Ireland. Ireland was actually doing really well when we left. When we got back we were hit with this really stark reality. Ireland was in a very bad economic crisis. It was no longer on a ticker line running across the news.” (Alternative Addiction, 2010)

Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer – songwriter added:

“We were coming back to Dublin victorious, only to be confronted with stark reality. It’s like you’ve waited for that great day when you can say, ‘I’ve finally made it’ and everyone else is saying, ‘My life has turned to shit’.” (Hall or Nothing, 2010)

The music video features an Irish couple who emigrated to New York but struggle to find proper jobs. One of the characters is played by Eve Hewson, Bono’s daughter.


The song is about how much our relationships can change, sometimes for the better, when there’s nothing else to cover yourself with. Is less really more, or can it break you? Would love to know your opinion.

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