#TSletterG: Good Ol’ Days #TheScriptAtoZ


Edit by Despina

As the first song on #3, The Script’s third album from 2012, it set the tone that had really changed after the heart-break related songs of the previous years. It’s a simple, feel-good songs to celebrate what we have now.

It’s about “just savoring the moment. We do it every night: stand onstage, take the applause in, because in a few years time you’ll be sitting at the end of the bar chewing on these stories.” (Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer – songwriter, 2013, Boston Globe)

Additional edits from #TheScriptFamily

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Have a little pause today. How are you going to enjoy this moment you’ve been blessed with?

Hop over to Music & Words to check out today’s post about another song-writing cooperation between Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue of The Script with no-one else but David Guetta!

Today’s featured blogger is Samantha, who has a fabulous cooperation for the A to Z with EOS: Behind the scenes. There’s music, literature and art to set the stage for a unique story about our future on Earth. Click here to visit her blog.


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