#TSletterL: Long Gone & Moved On #TheScriptAtoZ

Long Gone And Moved On is on the second album, Science & Faith. Like so many of The Script songs, it deals with the aftermath of a breakup.

The catchy song is full of clever lines: “when the hell does “you’ll get over it” begin” is one of the first questions it asks. It admits how closed off we can feel when someone leaves, no matter how much our friends and family might try: “It’s too hard to break me from the cell I’m in”.


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At the same time they try to push themselves in the right direction: “I’m changing the way I feel” or “I’ve got no business knowing where you’re at”. It admits “it’s gonna be hard” and that “I have to wanna heal” and motivates that if the other person could do it, if they’re “long gone and moved on” we can, too.

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What do you do when you see a friend in that situation, trying to get over a breakup?

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