Catch up with #TSletterP: Paint The Town Green #TheScriptAtoZ

A very Irish-sounding song (unusual for The Script) was written was all those Irish expats in mind whom the band had met all along their world tours. It was released on the latest album, No Sound Without Silence.


Edit by Despina @ScriptManiacs

The song played a very important part on their latest world tour. The band invited fans (chosen randomly after an online application) to join them marching in together at the beginning of the concert in most places. About 20-40 fans were holding green flags and green torches as they accompanied the trio to the stage through the crowd. The band had a special soundcheck and meet and greet opportunity for the lucky ones to thank for their support and created a very positive buzz online with their interaction.

Additional edits

Are there any expats here? Or even if you’re in the same country but not in your hometown any more, do you have any songs that bring home to you?

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