Catch up with #TSletterR: Rusty Halo #TheScriptAtoZ

We’re back to the first album with today’s song. As a bit of a rock fan (alright, a huge rock fan, I just seemed to have mellowed over the years) hearing this song was when I thought, there’s a band after my own heart! They play slow love songs, breakup songs, walk-away-from-shitty-men songs and here, we have a really rocky sound, too! It’s almost like there’s something for every mood 🙂

One of my biggest regrets is that I’ve never heard this song live. They stopped playing it in concerts after 2011 long before my first The Script gig in 2014.


Edit by Despina @ScriptManiacs

Mark Sheehan, guitarist-songwriter explained that the song is “about us scouring the Bible to find a loophole that gets us out of going to hell. Unfortunately, we’re still searching.” (Sunday Times, 2008)

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I feel I should’ve asked this before but never too late: what kind of songs do you usually listen to? What’s your favourite genre?

Hop over to Music & Words to check out today’s post about Ryan Sheridan, written by our regular contributor, Nads.


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