#TSletterT: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved #TheScriptAtoZ


Edit by Despina @ScriptManiacs

The song describes the desperate actions of a heartbroken man who would do anything to get his lost love back. He vows to wait for her at the corner where they first met until she finds him again.


Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue said that “it’s the first song I thought we had something special.” (Radio 1, 2008). It was one of their first big hits and is still played in their live shows.

Additional edits

What was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you (or you have done for anyone)? I’d love to know!

Hop over to Music & Words to check out today’s post about Train, written by our regular contributor, Heather.


3 thoughts on “#TSletterT: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved #TheScriptAtoZ

  1. Beautiful music, Miss Andi! :O) The most romantic thing someone did for me was when my husband cut out a patch of his prized bomber jacket and made a little ‘medicine bag’ filled with things to remind me of him.

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