Have you seen #TSletterU: Universe… #TheScriptAtoZ

I’ve chosen this line “The wonders of the universe are so near” from Howl At The Moon not only because it fits today’s letter but also because I didn’t want to leave this song out.

It was released only as an extra on the itunes album of No Sound Without Silence but it’s a beautiful, quiet song, taking back to those moments in my own life when I was looking up at the summer sky.


Edit by Despina @ScriptManiacs

It’s songs like this that make you wish your favourite band would be less successful so that they would still play an acoustic gig in the corner of your favourite pub. It’s just one of those songs where less is more.

Edits from The Script Family

What questions (or answers or memories…) does a summer night sky bring to you?

Hop over to Music & Words to check out today’s post about the most famous Irish band – I think I don’t need to say their name 🙂


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