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Edit by Despina @ScriptManiacs

If You Could See Me Now was released from #3 in March, 2013. A very personal song, it talks about the effects of losing a parent (or both).

Glen Power, the drummer of The Script said about the song:

“It’s an area that a lot of people wouldn’t go towards. I have both my parents here but there are times on stage when we play this song and I wonder if I will play it when I have lost one of my parents. I really feel for the other boys when we are performing it. When we share it with the audience it feels like a problem shared is a problem halved. If you can identify with the song you won’t feel alone any more. It’s a very moving thing.” (Argus, 2013)

The video is basically a summary of the band’s experience that their parents couldn’t see:

Edits from The Script Family

Sending positive thoughts today to all of you who have lost someone. Grief is a huge weight to carry but even a virtual hug can help.

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