Look back to all the edits with #TSletterW: We Cry #TheScriptAtoZ

The first ever Script song released displays the unique style of the band: they create a story with placing the pieces of the band together seamlessly. The song was born based on Mark’s idea, Danny’s guitar melody and Glen’s unusual drumming choice.


Edit by Julia of Six Degrees Of Adoration

Mark Sheehan guitarist explained about the birth of the song in their recording in the famous Abbey Road studio: “I grew up on James Street, which for a long time was classed as one of the worst neighbourhoods for drugs and crime. I look upon them and try to offer any sort of advice – all I can say is a problem shared is a problem halved, we’re in this together. And that was how Together we cry came and when we talked about it Dan actually had the haunting guitar riff and Glen was playing on a box.”

Glen Power, drummer added: “We were just jamming along and it’s an unusual riff to actually use brushes on me because you normally associate brushes with jazz. So to use it on this track gives it a little bit of a funky feeling.”
Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer: “It gives it a little bit of a militaristic feel.”
Mark: “That militaristic feel was great because it told that story, that walk down the street. You have to be tough to walk down there you know.”

Edits from The Script Family

What do you think of We Cry? Is it your cup of tea?

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