Look back to all the edits with #TSletterX: Xplode… #TheScriptAtoZ

Right, so I cheated a tiny bit to include Superheroes from The Script’s latest album, No Sound Without Silence but a) it’s a really good song and b) X does not spoil us with many options! 🙂


Edit by Julia of Six Degrees Of Adoration

If you’re ever feeling down, this is a perfect pick-me-up song. It doesn’t say be happy, other have it worse, it says: use your pain to fuel your march through the bad times. Get up and do this, you are strong enough!

It’s a returning topic after Hall Of Fame and guitarist-songwriter Mark Sheehan said it’s no coincidence: “For us it’s the average people who do extraordinary things that are our superheroes. It’s us tipping our hats to them saying that if someone’s gonna knock you down, knock you down, you’re just gonna come out stronger in the end.” (ODE interview, 2014)

Additional edits

Obvious question but I’d really like to hear: who are your superheroes?


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