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Edit by Julia of Six Degrees Of Adoration

The first song on Science&Faith, The Script’s second album from 2011 is an uptempo song about unconditional love.

The band wrote the song with live audience in mind:
“You can’t tour with U2 and not pick up something on how to whip people into a frenzy. We were like sponges with U2 and (Paul) McCartney. We got in the studio trying to mix (the Beatles’) Paperback Writer with (U2’s) Beautiful Day and even Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition or the Killers, trying to come up with a song that would get people going. I think it’s going to be an anthem on stage.” (Perth Now, 2010)

Edits from #TheScriptFamily

A lot of people say this song reminds them of the love of a parent. Would you agree or can there be other types of unconditional love the band sings about?


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