This weekend: #RememberWhenTheScript… (read more)

#RememberWhenTheScript had that periscope about the red carpet in Australia? #RememberWhenTheScript had that interview on Glen’s birthday and Danny declared himself to be the “king of the dicks”? #RememberWhenTheScript released Superheroes first in the UK radios? (Click for more info.)


Join us this weekend to reminisce about our collective memories, moments we shared with our favourite lads these past 8 years.

Use #RememberWhenTheScript to talk about any real life or online moments:

  • Periscopes
  • Gigs
  • Interviews
  • Song / album releases
  • Music videos
  • Meeting The Script Family
  • Meeting the lads

We’ll start at 7pm Irish time on Friday, the 6th of May and we’ll have the whole weekend to share our favourite moments so keep it going until Sunday night!

Hope you’ll join in making us remember the best of times.



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