Fans of the week: Claudia and Isabella

As a thank you and an extra challenge for those conquering the daily A to Z in April, our new series features 2 great talents a week. Let me introduce you to Claudia and Isa! Wait ’til you see their edit!


Tell us a little about yourself, your home country / town

Claudia: I’m a German mid-fourty working mum of two, married, music-lover, born and live in a small town near Stuttgart. I’m a bookworm and love to go to live gigs (cause I love live music).

Isabella: My name is Isa Abrantes and i live near a small village called Sintra in Portugal

When and how did you find The Script?

Claudia: I first saw The Script in 2008 at the “New Pop Festival” in Baden-Baden when they just released their first album.

Isabella: I heard The Script for the first time on the radio about 4 or 5 years ago and the song was “For The First Time” i was immediately in love with them, and then at the time of the London Olimpic Gmes i started hearing “Hall Of Fame” that was used on youtube to featured a lot of images of the Olimpic Games, and that was the moment when i became a real fan.

What’s your favourite song from The Script?

Claudia: Superheroes.

Isabella: I don’t have a favourite song to be honest but those 2 songs that i mentioned before have a special place in my heart

What was your favourite The Script gig?

Claudia: I had the pleasure to see them again in 2014 when they were introducing their NSWS album and again it was at a little venue in Baden-Baden. It was a really intimate concert, only 200 – 300 people and the lads were amazing! I always liked their music but since then I was a fan. I also had tickets for their gig in Frankfurt but unluckily my dad became seriously ill so I couldn’t go. But I can’t wait to see them live again!

Isabella: I saw them live for the first time last year at April 1st and July 18th, and both were amazing but the 2nd one was very special because i was on front row

What’s your favourite script video?

Claudia: I love the song “Superheroes” and the video for it. I love the message that if you’re not giving up you can reach your goals. This song helped me through a hard time and I think it’s an inspiration for many of us.

Isabella: Because i was an athlete the video of the Hall of Fame means a lot but i love every songs and every videos and every periscopes because everything about them is special

What’s your favourite page/post on the blog?

Claudia: I really loved to do the The Script A to Z challenge. What a flood of beautiful and unique edits!!! This is my favorite part so far. But to be honest I love the whole blog! Whatever you want to know about The Script – you will find it there!

Isabella: I love the “TheScriptAtoZ” that we made

What do you listen to apart from The Script?

Claudia: My parents also are music lovers so this was very formative for me. I was raised with music from the Rolling Stones (been to several concerts of them with my da when I was older), the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, David Bowie,… So I soaked it up from the very beginning. I still love the songs of them but I also listen to Walking on Cars, Kodaline, James Bay, Kelvin Jones, Jamie Lawson, Ed Sheeran, Rea Garvey,… I like almost all kinds of music. But mostly I love The Script!

Isabella: Apart from The Script i like to listen Daughtry, Sia, The Rockateers…


Isa and Claudia will be with us all week so join them on the Facebook page and make sure you check back on Wednesday for their favourite A to Z edits and on Friday for a very special collaboration! I’ve seen it and you’ll love it!


2 thoughts on “Fans of the week: Claudia and Isabella

  1. Awesome! What a fun read. Thanks for visiting me on the A to Z Challenge. I plan to check out the band, for sure.

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