Fans of the week: top edits of Isa and Claudia

Join us as Claudia and Isabel share the stories behind their favourite edits.

Isabella’s favourites


I love this edit that i made not only because of edit (that i love) but because of the song, Six degrees of separation. Everybody has gone thru a break up and separation and had to go thru this healing process.


I love this edit because it had to be abstract  (and it was hard) and i really love what i came up with. And because it’s also one of my favorite songs ever (Hall of Fame).


I love this edit that I made, it’s one of my favorites. The line has a very deep meaning: if you are not happy with the life that you are living, just change it. Be active and not a passive person.

Check out all the beautiful edits Isa made in the A to Z challenge:

Claudia’s favourites


I chose Superheroes cause this song does really mean much to me. Took me through hard times. And I think the edit I made describes quite perfect what is happening when the Script are entering the stage.;)


Breakeven is one of my all time favorites, I love the lyrics just as well as the music. And I think everyone knows the feeling to fall apart when you split up. There’s always one left behind. This feeling I wanted to express with my edit.


This one I chose cause it’s the most personal song of the Script. This is what the Script are doing: sharing their emotions and making songs out of them. This song gets me every time I hear it.


This one I chose because it’s reflecting the energy of their song Good ol’ days. You can’t stand still when they begin to play this song.


And my last one. The song says it all, everything a woman needs to hear from her man. This is one of my most romantic edits, I really like Glen in it.

All the edits by Claudia in the A to Z challenge, look how great they look together:


Thank you for sharing your beautiful edits ladies! And if you haven’t, check out their interview to learn more about these lovely ladies. (Click here.)


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