Fans of the week: Kirsty and Adele

Please welcome the lovely pair of Kirsty and Adele this week on The Script Bible! Click here to check out their interview.


Tell us a little about yourself, your home town

Kirsty: I’m a Mum of 2 girls, I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and am a Scottish girl at heart although I now live on the sunny South Coast of England in a sleepy little village where I am surrounded by fields and am lucky enough to have foxes, deer and all sorts is other wildlife visiting my garden daily, much to the bemusement of my dog!! I am a great lover of wildlife, photography and the outdoors but my huge passion in life is, and always has been – music!

Adele: I’m a mum of 3 and I live in Lancashire UK and I LOVE THE SCRIPT!

When and how did you find The Script?

Kirsty: I first discovered The Script way back in 2008 when I first heard ‘We Cry‘ being played on the radio and was hooked immediately!

Adele: I have always loved The Script’s music bit had never had the chance to see them until last year my best friend bought us tickets to see them at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

What’s your favourite song from The Script?

Kirsty: My favourite Script song is definitely ‘Superheroes‘ as it has such a positive message that Superheroes aren’t born..they’re made- we can all be Superheroes in our own way….just ordinary people doing extraordinary things!!

Adele: I don’t really have a favourite as I love them all but if I had to choose one it would have to be Superheroes. I have been through some rough times over the years but I have got through it. The lyrics to this song show that we are all superheroes. No matter what life throws at us we pick ourselves up and carry on.

What was your favourite The Script gig?

Kirsty: My favourite Script gig that I have seen was of course Croke Park just because it was awesome! Their biggest gig to date in their home city of Dublin and the gig being Livestreamed for all The Script Family who couldn’t be there, absolutely epic and unforgettable!! Although the other gigs I have seen them play have all been amazing- especially Bournemouth because I was lucky enough to take part in the parade and meet the lads!!

Adele: Too many to choose from!

A The Script video you like

Kirsty: I love all of The Script videos but as a favourite I will have to choose ‘Man on a Wire‘ just because it is so different and I have so much respect to the lads – esp. Mark with his fear of heights – for doing what they did!!

Adele: My favourite video of The Script would have to be Hall Of Fame. I love this as it’s based on two people from different backgrounds who are facing personal battles but their determination to fight for what they want eventuay pays off. I love the story to this video.

What’s your favourite page/post on the blog?

Kirsty: My favourite part of the blog so far would have to be the A to Z edit challenge because we all had so much fun doing it and I think we all learned a lot and our editing skills improved greatly as the challenge progressed.

Adele: My favourite post on the blog/post would have to be #TheScriptAToZchallenge. #TheScriptFamily really are talented and very creative and I was amazed at the response. Andrea really pushed our creativity to new levels, I tried something new and I really enjoyed this challenge.

What does making edits mean to you, why do you do it 😉

Kirsty: I love editing because it is extremely therapeutic and I love being creative. It allows me to express my love of music through art. It’s great fun and we’re all really encouraging and supportive of each other.

Adele: The Script are my inspiration for my edits and I love doing them. When I first started my edits where very basic but thanks to Andrea and her challenges I now challenge myself to try and make the perfect edit. What makes it more worthwhile is when the lads notice our edits.

What do you listen to apart from The Script?

Kirsty: I love music and I listen to so much fantastic stuff, I love Jack Savoretti, Michael Kilbey, Years and Years, Two Door Cinema Club, James King, Colton Avery, Walking on Cars and many more!!

Adele: My music varies depending on my mood. My collection of music at the moment is Sia , Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran and I absolutely love The Rockateers.


Thank you girls for sharing a little part of yourselves!

Kirsty and Adele will be in charge of the Facebook page so make sure you click like to see what they’re up to!


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