Fans of the week: top edits of Kirsty and Adele

Kirsty and Adele have shared some great edits already on the facebook page but here are their favourites from the A to Z challenge.


Kirsty’s favourites


The song means a lot to me and I wanted to feature someone with a disability overcoming the obstacles life throws at them. I have so much respect for people who I consider to be the real Superheroes.


This one from ‘ We Cry’ because again I love the song and I liked the challenge of having to incorporate birds into the edit.


I love the song, I know it means a lot to so many people and I wanted to make sure I did it justice.


It just sums up Mark’s energy on stage! The Ginger Ninja at his awesome best!!!


I went with the theme of the colourfulness of the video for this song- and the lasers from the tour!

Adele’s favourites


I love this edit as I love this song, it gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.


Ilove this edit because it reminds me of the start of the NSWS gig: a get up and boogie song.


This edit took me hours to make and I was quite proud of it. I also love this song a lot.

Thanks Adele and Kirsty for sharing these edits and their thoughts with us.


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