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Tell us a little about yourself, your home country / town

I’m Anna. I’m 16 and I’m from Russia. I live in not a big city called Kursk. It situated on southwest part of Russia. It’s a beautiful city and I’m glad to live here:)

Let’s see… My name is Rohini, and I’m from England. I’m quarter French, quarter English and half Indian. My favourite subject at school is Art, and I’m taking it for GCSE. My hometown is a little place in Kent and it’s quite small and pretty. Although I’m from England, I do believe I’m an Irish girl at heart 😂💚.

When and how did you find The Script?

Anna: It was on October 2014. I watched local chart and saw Superheroes music video. I liked it so so much! I liked Danny’s voice in there. After I started searching about them and now I’m their big fan💥

Rohini: Well, I’d heard about The Script from when Dan was on The Voice, but I didn’t really show much interest. I properly got into them when my friends put Flares as the soundtrack for their presentation at school early last year, and I really liked it, so I looked it up and started listening to more of their songs until it basically became an addiction and so here we are 😂

What’s your favourite song from The Script?

Anna: I can’t decide what song I like most. Each one is amazing! Probably it will be Superheroes, because this song helped me through thr bad times + it’s the first their song I heard:D

Rohini: I love all of their songs, but one of my favourites has to be Flares as it was the song that got me into them and it is such a relatable song on so many different levels, the lyrics are incredible, and the melody is perfect.

What was your favourite The Script gig (in person or on video)?

Anna: Hahaha😂 I wasn’t lucky to go to their gig. I watched a lot of vids from them😂 I think my favourite is Croke Park gig (not surprising). I watched it through live stream. But it felt like I was there✨

Rohini: I’ve never seen the lads live (but I’m hoping to on their next tour), but my favourite concert periscope would probably be the obvious one (it’s not a periscope but it’s a livestream so): Croke Park. Best night of my life and it was just incredible.

A script video you like (official or fan-made, lyrics or otherwise)

Anna: Ummm… Maybe it will be live performance of The Man Who Can’t Be Moved in Amsterdam, because this version of song is just incredible, all that atmosphere and Danny’s voice on point😍

Rohini: I really like the official videos for either Breakeven or Nothing, they both hold really great story lines, they fit with the songs and Breakeven uses some cool symbolism in the way it uses the tonal filters.

What’s your favourite page/post on the blog?

Anna: Definitely the posts about talented members of #TheScriptFamily. It’s so nice to see how talented our fandom is. They’re such a great people!

Rohini: My favourite post on the blog would have to be the one titled ‘How Are The Songs Born?‘, I found loads of cool information within it and I really liked it :).

What does making edits mean to you?

Anna: Edits for me is a chance to show how talented can be the person who have only laptop in his hands. Each of edits shows the part of personality of person who made it. I do my edits because it’s great chance to open up the hidden talents and show who you really are.

Rohini: I love making edits because I find myself being quite a creative person, I love the creative side of things and trying out new ideas. Editing also helps me look for possible hidden meanings within the songs which I can then portray in the edits.

What do you listen to apart from The Script?

Anna: As I said, I’m a big music fan. I listen to different genres and different artists. My favourites apart of The Script are OneRepublic, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Sergey Lazarev (Russian singer, participant from Russia on Eurovision 2016) and many, many others:)

Rohini: Other than the lads, I enjoy listening to Coldplay and Ella Henderson, they’re incredible. However, good as those people might be, The Script will always be number one 💚


Thanks girls for sharing your passion with us!

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