Fans of the week: Rohini’s and Anna’s favourite edits from #TheScriptAtoZ

Both Rohini and Anna made some really gorgeous, creative edits during #TheScriptAtoZ challenge. Here are their favourites, click here to check them out!

Rohini’s favourite edits

This is one of my favourite edits as I quite like the contrast of the text and the image, as the text is coloured and the image is black and white.


I like the subtlety (if you could call it that) of this edit, it uses soft shades of colours, but then the black makes those specific statements stand out, the feeling of being lost after a relationship is something that stands out, if that makes sense.


I like the simplicity of this edit, it’s it a silhouette and basic text, with the burst of colour making its way through. The song is a simple song, about not really having anything to give but yourself and I feel that this edit puts that across.


I like the symbolism of this edit, the lifted hand of the silhouette along with the stars within it show the girl looking deep within herself and opening her mind, so to speak.


Anna’s favourite edits

One of my favourites. That edit was experimental. I decided to use polygonal technique. And I like so much the result i got😻


Probably my best edit. That smoke, tarot cards, white paint. I don’t know why I put it together, but it looks amazing✨


Love this edit so much! It’s a very simple one. White background, broken heart. At beginning I didn’t know what lyrics i should put, but the heart there helped me😂


This edit was one of my experiments. I sat and thought ‘how it will look if i put Glen into the smoke and city. It’s a black&white edit, because in this colors it looks better and fill the edit of meaning of the whole song.



Brilliant edits! You can follow Anna and Rohini on twitter:
@TSArtCorner &
or on Instagram:
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