Fans of the week: collaboration

My favourite thing about Twitter is the community that surrounds The Script, a community of talent and support. That’s why I ask the fans of the week to use it and create something beautiful together this time, creating something with double the talent.

This is Rohini’s and Anna’s edit made as a team. What do you think?


What does making edits mean to you?

Anna: Edits for me is a chance to show how talented can be the person who have only laptop in his hands. Each of edits shows the part of personality of person who made it. I do my edits because it’s great chance to open up the hidden talents and show who you really are.

Rohini: I love making edits because I find myself being quite a creative person, I love the creative side of things and trying out new ideas. Editing also helps me look for possible hidden meanings within the songs which I can then portray in the edits.

Thanks girls for sharing your passion with us!

You can follow Anna and Rohini on twitter:
@TSArtCorner &
or on Instagram:
tsartcorner &


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