Fans of the week: Nanette and Lorna

This week two lovely ladies are featured from the UK as The Script fans of the week. Click here to get to know them better!


Edit by Nanette and Lorna

Tell us a little about yourself

Nanette: My name is Nanette but also known as Nancy to my friends, I am a widowed mum of 2 young boys who are my world and the past year has definitely been the hardest for us. I live in a place called Erith which is on the South East London/Kent border in the UK.

Lorna: I’m Lorna and I live near Manchester and I love the script.

When and how did you find The Script?

Nanette: I first got to know of the Script when Danny did The Voice UK but with everything going on in my life the past 5 years with my husband’s illness and the kids I was not an active fan until last year after re-finding all their music after my husband died.

Lorna: I first found them when I was living in Turkey and the first song that hooked me was breakeven then I got the album and never looked back.

What’s your favourite song from The Script?

Nanette: I have so many favourite songs of The Script it is hard to decide but the one that will be with me is The End Where I Begin, the lyrics to the song are beautiful and everyone can relate to them.

Lorna: find it hard to choose my favourite song as I seem to have favourites off each album.

What was your favourite The Script gig?

Nanette: I have never been lucky enough to see them live, except of course when they did live streams of their gigs. I would love to see them in concert and I do hope one day I will be able to. Of course I think everyone’s favourite has to be when they live streamed Croke Park but I must admit I love all the periscopes the lads have done so it is hard to pick a favourite.

Lorna: My favourite gig has to be croke park I flew there for literally 24 hours just to go to the gig it’s was one of the most emotional gigs that I have ever been to.

Which The Script video do you like the most? (official or fan-made, lyrics or otherwise)

Nanette: There are so many to choose from as they are all brilliant and powerful videos but I love the video ‘Nothing’ as the video and lyrics go so well together, plus I used to live in that part of London so when I saw the video I was like ‘wow I used to live around there’.

Lorna: I love the video six degrees of separation as this is one of my favourites.

What’s your favourite page/post on the blog?

Nanette: love all the the blog that you have done as their is so much information about the lads but I really like the ‘Not Just A Band’ as it shows that they have such a diverse talent and want to experience more.

Lorna: The A to Z challenge was my favourite thing as this is when I started doing edits.

What does making edits mean to you, why do you do it?

Nanette: Before giving up work to look after my husband and boys I spent 12 years in the Marketing Industry so making edits has allowed me to get back to my creative and design side. It’s nice to take one of their songs and break it down and put it into an edit, picking images and effects that will portray the lines.

Lorna: When I first started doing edits it was to try and challenge myself as I’ve never been very good at art and the more edits I did the more I enjoyed it.
If I can bring a smile to someone who is having a bad day with one of my edits then it’s all worth while.

What do you listen to apart from The Script?

Nanette: I like a lot of artists but it depends on the song, but I am a huge fan of Linkin Park (another amazing talent when it comes to writing songs that you can relate to), of course you can’t beat Colton Avery and the brilliant upcoming talent that is Luke Power.

(Editor’s note: yes, yes and three times yes to Linkin Park, their lyrics are sadly underaporeciated!)

Lorna: Other bands that interest me are scoopsmusic, imagine dragons, ed sheeran and a few others. :mrgreen:

Thank you both for introducing yourself to us, it’s nice to get to know you a little better!

You can follow Nanette and Lorna on twitter: @nanettegodfrey @EgertonMilly


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