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I want you to close your eyes, think of your happy place. If you’re anything like me, it’ll surely involve your favourite band, their best music and a great venue. And now imagine, if not one but TWO of your favourites played at the same night?? Paradise, right?

That’s what Glen’s teasing us with:


So Jane (@Scripts_Angel) and me, we’ve jumped on the dream-board and decided to give this a serious thought: what if it really happened? What if there was a joint OneRepublic-Script tour like the one in the USA in 2014? What crazy promo would we do? What would the tour posters look like?

What would be the name of the tour aka the greatest hashtag ever? 😉

Some of you helped us to brainstorm so here are the options. Please pick your favourites and vote for them, we’ll use this for the upcoming poster contest!

《There should be a poll here to vote… If it’s not displayed PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SELECT YOUR FAVOURITE OPTIONS.

We’d like to start the contest on Saturday so voting will close on Friday, at midnight GMT. Please share (pretty please) once you’ve voted, we’d like to get the input of as many of you as possible!


Jane & Andrea


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