#WhereverSuperheroesGo – we’d very much love a joint @thescript & @onerepublic tour

If The Script and OneRepublic went on tour together, it’d be twice the fun, twice the talent and twice the fans. Both bands tweeted recently that they would love the idea, would you like it to happen?

“#WhereverSuperheroesGo we’re there! We’d love a joint #thescript & #onerepublic tour to happen!”

The idea of the joint tour came from Glen

The Script and OneRepublic go way back, the lads have known each other for a long time and played in the same events a couple times. America was lucky enough to have them on a joint tour in 2014 and recently Glen’s been teasing us with the opportunity that it can happen again.

Jane (@Scripts_Angel) and me, we’ve jumped on the dream-board and decided to give this a serious thought: what if it really happened? What if there was a joint OneRepublic-Script tour? What crazy promo would we do? What would the tour posters look like?

Thank you for having fun with us!

It was great to see all the support from both #TheScriptFamily and OneRepublic fans.

Beautiful posters were designed by fans for this:

Many of you joined us and tweeted #WhereverSuperheroesGo tirelessly.

Special thank you to the top 3: Claudi, Nguyen and Adele have won a physical copy of a poster of their choice created for the competition. Thank you for being awesome 🎉

Here’s the top 10 for the first 3 days and the second half (we’re using the free version of tweetbinder which comes with quantity limits so it had to be done separately).


Top 10 between 4th and 7th of June


Top 10 between 6th and 15th of June

Thank you all for letting the guys know that this is a tour we’d love to happen!

Jane & Andrea


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