The favourite edits of Petra and Julia from #TheScriptAtoZ

It can be hard to choose from our creations especially when they’re as good as the ones made by these girls. But they’ve nailed it so have a look at the best of the best! 😉


Julia’s favourites

B: I picked the Breakeven one because I love the colours, green and red go so well together. And I love the jacked Danny is wearing in the edit. I had a lot of work with making an illustration of the Breakeven heart, but I guess hard work pays off!


Andrea: I agree with her, that background looks amazing!

E: Exit Wounds, another edit I put a lot of time in. But I love the result and I think I will try to make more edits like that once I have more time.


Andrea: for this edit you can also check out the before and after pics, pretty cool to see how it’s changed!

F: This edit is quite simple but I still like it. The font I used really is one of my favorite fonts for editing.


K: I did choose this edit because I never made a Kaleidoscope edit that worked out before and once again I did put a lot of time in the edit, The original photo I used was a black&white photo of an old church, if you look at the edit you barely regocnize the church in it!


Andrea: I also love the calming colours, they complement each other very nicely.

X: My last personal favorite, I really simple one but the I like how the explosion worked out with the typography.


Andrea: thank you Julia! For more of her edits, follow Julia’s social media accounts. n0goodingoodbye on twitter, Six Degrees of Adoration (facebook) Six Degrees of Adoration (instagram).

Petra’s favourites

Okay, so here are my  favorite edits from the challenge. I really enjoyed making them and the long time spent on them was worth it.

Dead Man Walking


I love black & white, along in combination with rain. To me, it shows the mood of the song & the feelings of the broken person pretty well.

Andrea: I agree, this edit has a sweet but very atmosphere.

Exit Wounds


This song means a lot to me & I can relate to it; that’s why I put the silhouette of the girl there, it kinda sybloizes me. The photo in the background is Prague btw 🙂

Andrea: I love this edit. I haven’t realised it was Prague, how cool!

Good Ol’ Days


In this edit you can see my love for purple color & nature. I think it goes good together with Mark.

Andrea: I would agree, I love how most edits with thus song feature Mark!

I’m Yours


Don’t know what to say about this one…Just an edit for a beautiful song.

Andrea: it is and it’s very relaxing too, fits the song so well!

No Words


Another black & white, made with all my heart.

Link to a video with all my artworks from the challenge:

Thank you Petra! You can follow her on social: PetraZdrahal on twitter and PetraZdrahal on IG.


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