Fans of the week collaborative edit by Julia and Petra

Edits always bring a little sunshine and beauty into our lives and this one does so especially by showing the unique strengths of these 2 girls with the power of team work.


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What does making edits mean to you, why do you do it 😉

Petra: Making edits is making kind of art, which means turning my experiences, troubles & pain into something that can others enjoy/share, maybe take something from it. One single edit can take a lot of time (over two hours), though it can seem pretty easy to mix pictures with text, but when you use your heart aong with brain, when you want it to have some meaning, then it takes some time. The great thing about art is that when you spend all your time on it & give everything of you in it, then it all comes back, giving you even more.

Julia: Making edits started as a fun thing. I didn’t even have a fanaccount, I just posted a picture of how I was working on the edit and then Mark reacted “Looks cool!” and a lot of member from #TheScriptFamily told me that they thought is was awesome. I think that motived me to make more edits, not short after I started my fanpage. Now I use editing mostly as practicing for photoshop, since we barely use that at school.

Read more in their interview to get to know them a little better. It’ll be worth it, I promise!

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