Fans of the week: Julee and Terhi

Sometimes good friends find each other through distance. That’s what happened to these two.


Tell us a little about yourself

Terhi: My name is Terhi, I’m 37 years old and I’m from Finland. I live in a small town in Southern Finland. I’m a busy mother of 3 and I’m a youth worker. Music is a real passion of mine. I love going to gigs and I enjoy live music immensely. I sing and play drums and listen to music all the time so I’m a real music freak.

Julee: I’m the mother of 4 ranging from 16-4. I love being in the mountains and to go fishing and hiking. I have had two brain surgeries for a birth defect called Chiari Malformation. I live in a rural town that is in the middle of nowhere and I love it.

When and how did you find The Script?

Terhi: I found The Script by an accident. A Finnish woman who lives in Ireland sent me a link for Superheroes music video. I thought I’d give it a listen and it was instant love. It was in the Autumn of 2014 just when the video was released. I’d never heard of The Script before but I became a huge fan right away. Their songs helped me through a hard time then.

Julee: I went to their joint concert with One Republic. I knew some of their songs but didn’t know who they were. Danny introduced them as Danny, Danny and either Mark or Glen. I went on for a few days thinking that there were two Danny’s. I was on the lawn and couldn’t see them very well I couldn’t even see the screens, but I was so impressed with how they entertained and preformed, that I fell in love. They enraptured my soul.

What’s your favourite song from The Script?

Terhi: My favourite song of the lads is Science&Faith. I love how it describes the search of a deeper meaning in life. Faith and hope are the corner stones of my life and I have those words tattooed on my back along with the Science&Faith symbol.

Julee: Flares. I have a friend who passed away in September of 2014 she was a young mother of 5, her youngest was only 11 months old. When I was leaving her funeral, I felt so much anguish, pain and sorrow for her husband and her young children. I felt helpless. When we turned the car on Flares was on. I knew this was heaven sent, it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment in time, it was my FLARE. Flares can apply to all of us at different times throughout our lives. I love this song for reminding me that we are not alone and that there are Angels or whatever you want to call them out there sending out FLARES or giving us hope pushing us along.

What was your favourite The Script gig?

Terhi: I’ve attended two of their gigs, in Stockholm and in Frankfurt. The Stockholm gig was really special because it was my first and I was in the parade too. I met the lads and got the incredible experience of being a part of something very important to me. Frankfurt was special in a different way. I was in a front row and the atmosphere was electric at that gig. I met Colton too and enjoyed his music very much.

Julee: I went to the native tour concert in Utah but I really loved the periscope when Glen took us on a tour of The Leaning Tower of Giza

What script video do you like the most?

Terhi: If You Could See Me Now and 6 Degrees of Separation are favourite videos of mine. They both are very touching and beautifully made.

Julee: Science and Faith is my most favorite video!

What’s your favourite page/post on the blog?

Terhi: I can’t decide which is my favourite post on your blog. It is an amazing blog and a great tribute to the lads. I love reading it.

Julee: I love seeing people’s edits, everyone has their own unique style. I love that.

What does making edits mean to you?

Terhi: Editing is a way of expressing myself. I used to draw and paint a lot when I was younger. I haven’t done any painting in years and I missed it. I found the world of editing just a few months ago and I’m learning all the time. Julee has taught me a lot so thanks Julee! It has become a really important hobby for me, making edits is my happy place really. I enjoy it so much and I hope people enjoy my edits too. I pour my heart in to them and I spend a lot of time making them.

Julee: it means a lot to me. I truly enjoy it. I love being creative.

What do you listen to apart from The Script?

Terhi: Other bands I listen to a lot are Walking on Cars, Sunrise Avenue, The Coronas and OneRepublic.

Julee: I listen to all sorts of music. Country, R&B, Latin, etc.  Music is a huge part of my life, it just has to have meaningful lyrics and a good tune.

Thank you ladies for the lovely introduction, it’s nice to get to know you better!

Please follow Terhi and Julee on twitter, just click on their names: @TheScript_Terhi and @juleerandy.


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