Favourite #TheScriptAtoZ edits from Julee and Terhi

Our fans of the week pair shares the top 5 edits of the 26 they’ve made in April. Check them out.

Julee’s favourites


I love this edit. I’m proud of what the American civil war brought forth. Abraham Lincoln was a Great man with honor and integrity.


I Love this edit, I did it on a picture I took in one of my favorite place to be in the mountains.


This is one of my all time favorites. Very simple.


I love learning new things and trying different techniques.


Another simple edit. I love its simplicity.

Terhi’s favourites

One of my favourite songs and I think this combination of black and red is pretty cool.


I love this Mark edit. It turned out really good and it’s again a song I really love.


I wanted to put Danny’s rose tattoo on this edit and make it card-like. I also figured out how to make these geometric shapes that I really love.


Another new technique I learned during this challenge.


A romantic edit with geometric shapes. I’m proud of this one.


Beautiful edits with a varied style, thanks for sharing these ladies!


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