Top edits of Kim & Brett

Our fans of the week have made great edits during #TheScriptAtoZ in April, check out their favourites.

Brett’s favourites 


I like how in my edit the lads look zombified like “dead men walking and then I added the angels to make it look like they died and they went to heaven
I chose Dead Man Walking because I really like the song and I think my edit depicts the song very nicely with the lads looking like zombified dead men walking with angels around them.


I used a collage of war pictures and soldiers and then I combined the lads into the edit to make the edit look cool and stand out. I think it looks really good and it got 12 likes on Instagram.


This was a really challenging edit for me to create but I think it looks really nice and the edit really stands out and depicts The Script song Exit Wounds really well with the bleeding heart and the bullet holes and the blood which I made using The Script #3 Album. I really like how in my edit the bullet holes kind of look like Ninja darts.

Kim’s favourites 


It’s not Right for you: the image felt right. there’s only a small glimpse being shown of what goes on in someone’s mind and I think the image portrays that very much.


Superheroes: I used a phoenix cause it’s something that always comes back, reborn. And superheroes who have been through things have to be reborn and come back fighting as well.


For Rusty Halo I can’t really explain why I did what I did. It just felt right to do it like that.


No good in goodbye: No heart in heartache and the swans forming a heart with their neck, I think it’s very fitting to use Swans for the lyric.

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