Fans of the week: the favourite edits of Cheryl and Samina

The girls have made a lot of beautiful edits during #TheScriptAtoZ, make sure you check them out on their twitter profiles but here are their favourite ones.




An amazing inspirational song! It’s my get up and go song! Love how I managed to co-ordinate the pictures for this edit.


This is my favourite song ever! Plus I love the guys performance of it on B-stage that’s why I chose this edit


I’m proud of this edit as the rule was to use abstract forms only! I managed to do just that whilst still creating a cool looking edit



I love this song I was really pleased with this edit and I think every girl would love to b loved  like this




First is I’m yours at its possibly my fave song and I just love the love you can hear in the lyrics and you can feel it when Danny sings it



Second is Paint The Town Green as its such an upbeat song and just makes me smile and sing along at the top of my voice



Next is You Won’t Feel A Thing again it’s just such a beautiful song and now if you love some one you won’t let them feel any pain if you can help it


This Is Love and I think it’s a great song and this edit I loved the picture of Glen and thought it would be perfect



Give a follow to these lovely women on twitter: Dizzychick01 and haque_samina.


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