The full saga of Danny’s tattoo

The Script Family loves tattoos. There are many of them who had one done with lyrics of The Script as they’ve found it relates to them a lot.

No surprise then that when Danny tweeted that he’s getting a new tattoo, there was a lot of excitement.

He’s been planning it for a while, this tweet is from February 2014.

He kept us (fairly) updated about the progress.

But for a long while no-one had any ideas about what it really was.

Until Danny cleared it all up:

Every picture thereafter was carefully examined for any updates.

But updates were rare and scarce. Impatience grew.

It took this long because Remis is very popular all over the world.

In the meantime he has also become a kind of authority on tattoos of any kind.

Then last weekend Danny changed tactics: he invited everyone to go to Belfast’s Tattoo Convention to see his tattoo being done.

True to his passionate nature, if he was doing it, Danny went all in: he had the tattoo done for 3 days.

To pass the time (how boring must it be to sit there and do nothing) he met a lot of fans and was happy to take selfies with everyone.

#tattooconventiontitanic #dannyodonoghue

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He even drew a tattoo for one of his fans:

His tattoo now extends to his chest:

The sleeve seems to be finished finally, to the relief of the many curious fans.

Now wait for the hunt for pictures where we can see it in all its glory. Maybe Danny should go down the Dave Gahan – Adam Levine path and start singing without his shirt on…




2 thoughts on “The full saga of Danny’s tattoo

  1. This was a really fun post Andrea, and who knows when we’ll finally get to see the finished sleeve, let alone the chest piece?!! So much detail in there though, looks amazing (I’m not a huge tat fan, but I reckon I could stare at this for hours lol!) As for Dan singing with his shirt off? HELL YEAHHH!!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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