It started as a conversation on twitter with Kelsey. We thought there’s much to know about the band and it would be great to publish an awesome little book for all The Script fans out there who are dying to know more. (Preorder on Amazon. Just joking!)

Did you know for example that

  • Steve Kipner who originally saw the band behind the demos still contributes to their writing?
  • Mark was teaching hip-hop in the same studio Colin Farrell was discovered in?
  • Danny won an all-Ireland title for break-dancing?
  • Glen had knives pulled on him when he was playing as a session musician?

There’s a lot of interesting stories about how they made it and how it shaped them as people, as musicians, as friends. Until that book is getting written, some of the information is shared here for your entertainment.

Please note: this wee blog is in no way affiliated with the management or the band themselves (although we’d love to be) so please take all content with a pinch of doubt. Only publicly available information is used here and as Mark pointed out in a tweet, that doesn’t always cover the truth and only the truth.


Enjoy the content nonetheless and remember, all ideas are welcome!



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