If you feel like you have a story, a video, a fan art or other information to share, feel free to use the form in the end of the post or get in touch on twitter: @MusicfanAndrea

The following categories are open for submissions:

  • Bio or facts of the life of Mark, Danny and Glen
  • Crew: info on the team they’re working with, including supporting artists, producers, management
  • Fan Art: any picture, video, story, poem you created
  • Interviews: videos or podcasts only
  • Music: streaming or music videos
  • Quotes: famous sayings (preferably with source)
  • Stories: back stories of their songs, tours, etc (with source)
  • The Script vocabulary: words and phrases that mean different in The Script world (e.g. tea 🙂 )
  • Videos: videos by the band or of the band

Please note that not all submissions will be published. The original rights are always withheld with the original creator aka you 🙂



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