The mission

We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world or to make it the last.
John F. Kennedy

We’re bombarded with fake images, reality TV that has nothing to do with reality, meaningless music that has nothing to do with our lives. There’s fifteen-second fame, celebs without achievements, books without a point, aggression without limits.

The Script has always stood for hard work. Persistence.


Achieving your dreams through having faith in yourself and in each other.


To be whoever you want to be.

wallp hof

This is something that I personally believe in, too. Be the best version of yourself instead of trying to be someone you’re not. We’re all different, unique and precious. And if you can learn it through The Script’s example (or through any example for that matter), the world has become a better place.



If you like the wallpapers, visit Melinda’s site or facebook page, she’s got more amazing stuff.

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