About the album

#3 was born under unusual circumstances. During the day Danny coached hopeful contestants in the first series of the Voice UK (and causing quite a stir on the gossip columns), during the night he joined the band for some song-writing sessions.

“Sometimes I’d be filming from 9am until 9pm, but I’d go straight to meet them and we’d work ’til 2 or 3am.” (Danny)

When going in studio, there was already an approach in mind that the band wanted to stick to:

“We had a working ethos in out head that we wanted to make music for the head, heart and feet – music that you can think about, feel and dance to.” (Mark)

band music for head heart

The approach

It was different from the heartbreak-related songs that the band became famous for but all of them embraced the opportunity to get played in bars or even in clubs. The success and the touring in the years before the birth of the album made the band more confident in their sound, resulting in some depth they hadn’t achieved before:

“They may not be the right things to say but you just have the confidence to own up. And I think that is what is on this album more than before as I think we have always second-guessed how people were going to perceive these songs. I guess over the course people have just loved our honesty and our song-writing and that is something that we never ever shied away from with this album we just wanted to be completely honest and open as a book.” (Danny)

The Script was used to hard work but it was the first time in decades that Mark and Danny worked separately:

“Nobody has separated us as a production team since we were kids, so now this was the first time.” (Mark)

It was also the first time for the band to work with Jimbo Barry, a young Irish producer who worked with them on 5 tracks.


The release

Thanks to their focus and positive attitude The Script were able to deliver the album two months before schedule.

“Not many bands would even contemplate doing what we did, but we ended up delivering the record two months early, which is unheard of. We were militant in our attack.” (Danny)

The end-result was an album that was a step away from their original style and marked the first collaboration with another artist, will.i.am on Hall Of Fame.

“We decided to venture down that road because we wanted to really aim for Top 40 radio” (Glen)

The album peaked only at number 2 in the UK charts but it scored The Script’s first number 1 song, Hall of Fame.



  • Andrew Frampton (tracks: 2, 4, 10),
  • Daniel O’Donoghue,
  • Jimbo Barry (tracks: 3, 5, 9, 12),
  • Mark Sheehan,
  • Steve Kipner (tracks: 2, 4, 10)

Track list



  • Moon Boots
  • Hurricanes

(More info on the songs on the links above – continuously expanding.)

The album in numbers:

  • 10 songs, 41 mins in total
  • Bonus tracks: Moon Boots, Hurricane
  • Shortest song: Millionaires (3:10)
  • Longest song: Glowing (4:47, making it the longest song of all three albums)
  • Singles: Hall of Fame, Six Degrees of Separation, If You Could See Me Now, Millionaires
  • Total word count (including bonus tracks): 3397 with 965 different words
  • Top words: you, your, yeah, love, gonna, around, see, give, now, like

What do you think of album?

Listen to the album on Spotify:

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