No Sound Without Silence

no sound without silenceWriting the album

In the podcast with Pat Monahan, from the Train during the summer of 2013, Danny said “they couldn’t write the songs fast enough” once The Voice ended. The band took a studio bus on tour with Train in America and continued to work on the songs there.

“Every time we were on stage we tried to bottle up that energy so we took this studio bus with us and poured all that energy into the album.” (Danny)

At the end of the summer the band announced at V-Fest 2013 that come autumn they head for another round of studio work, aka “hibernation.

After having recorded in Los Angeles and London previously, the band returned to Dublin for at least part of their fourth album: according to the Independent[1] they recorded in the Temple Lane Studios in Dublin’s city centre, not far from the place of their 2012 busking session and right next to the famous “Wall of Fame” where all Irish musicians dream to be placed onto.

The place is an old establishment, it has probably witnessed many fascinating moments of music history in its 30 years with Rihanna recoding Love The Way You Lie and other familiar names from Snow Patrol, Morissey, Kanye West or Black Eyed Peas.

Temple Lane was not the only studio they worked in though. Another Irish studio, the Edge Studio also confirmed that The Script worked there and they also wrote on their blog that the band is working again with Jimbo Barry.

But a lot of the songs were written during the summer of 2013 when the band was on tour:

“I think everyone can expect loads of energy, we recorded this album whilst moving around America on the road and the rest of the world on tour. So we have been living on a tour bus and we brought a studio recording system – basically the whole bus is a recording studio – and we recorded as much as we could.” (Mark)[2]

The band had a 3-album deal with Sony Music after the success of their eponymous first album which means that re-negotiations will be majorly influenced by the sales numbers of their upcoming album and singles.

This does not mean that the release of the album was done in a hurry. On the contrary. Even though they already tweeted about having three songs done in October or fifty by January, they were in no rush getting the album out.

“It’s probably the first time we’ve ever had time to digest the album ourselves a little bit. We spent a year on this, every other record kind of only had six months, so everything has always been a little bit of a rush for us and this is the first time that we’ve got to lay back, take our time and put what we feel is the strongest album together.” (Mark)[3]

And as they said at their Google Reveal:

Mark: We’ve been holding the music back because we’ve made what we believe is a fantastic album, we’re really confident in it. As everybody knows we would never come out with an album unless we felt that way. This is the moment where…

Danny: …we get proved right or wrong.

no sound without silence header with dateWriting on the tour bus

The decision to write new songs while on tour might sound strange at the first sight but it made a lot of sense to the band:

“We brought a tour bus with a recording studio on our last two tours in America. We wanted to catch some of the live energy from the stage. We would go on stage and perform and then come straight from the stage to the recording bus and get that energy on the songs. We ended up doing that for 70% of the album and we really feel it’s brought a fresh energy to the performances this time around.” (Glen)[5]

It wasn’t all glory though apparently:

“We took a recording studio bus around America with us. It sounds beautiful but it was the worst bus you’ve ever seen in your life.” (Mark)[6]

“It was a 70s porn bus.” (Danny) [7]

“Yeah, that’s what it looked like. The only thing that actually worked on the bus was the recording studio.” (Glen) [8]

But as Mark and Danny explained it was important to use the time on the tour for better reasons:

“We were driving around America making this album, coming off stage and making this album. We’ve done the destructive thing before so we did the constructive thing this time.” (Mark) [9]

“We can pour a lot of that nervous energy and that time you’re waiting around, we can really make something constructive out of that. A lot of bands out there fall by the wayside because they either turn to drugs or drink to ease that itch. We said ‘Let’s take all that magic energy we get from our fans’ because I find it really hard to calm down at the end of the night. It’s so hard.” (Danny)[10]

“If you don’t have something like that, what we tend to do is we’re lads and we fight. We fight just as hard as, if not harder than, the Gallaghers. Instead of killing each other on tour, having the studio there was a godsend.” (Danny)[11]

The approach

During the writing of the album Danny said that “It’s like a prequel to the first album. Like the album that should have come out before the very first Script album. It’s really nice. It’s a lot more stripped back.”[12]

Glen explained how the sound and sometimes the lack of it goes through their lives every day:

Our lives are full of sound. But there are a lot of times when we cannot have the sound. We recorded a lot of the album on the tour bus during the last tour that we’ve done in America so that we would capture the energy coming from stage. Coming off stage we would immediately go to the bus, hit the microfon and record the vocals and stuff. We just thought what a great idea, we were coming off from stage where there’s all of that sound, back to the tour bus where there was all of that silence. (Glen)[13]

Danny summarised the previous albums and the journey they’ve been on with them:

“We’ve enjoyed the journey we’ve been on musically. Each album has progressed and grown. The first album was very eclectic, very homegrown. With the second one, we’d been on tour for a year, so we were like, ‘we need songs that fill stadiums!’ So we were writing the ‘For The First Time’s – big guitar, poppy, anthemic songs.”Then the third album, we were not ‘overexposed’, but with me being on The Voice UK, there was a call for us to go ‘mainstream’. It feels now like we’ve done that. We feel like we want to go back.” That means no rapping and minimal hip hop beats.[14]

He also said it’s natural that the main topics and the way approach them change over time:

Each album has its own era with the different things we were thinking of. I think songwriting is pretty much the same as killing each other trying to find that perfect lyric and that perfect melody to go over on top. We’re not just playing for Ireland or the UK, we’re in America as well so we’re trying to come up with something that makes everybody happy. (Danny)[15]

Glen added that for them it’s not a competition with other bands:

We’re only trying to compete with ourselves, we’re not trying a write a song like or better than anybody else. With every album and every tour we just raise the bar and get to a place to get a step above than what we’ve done. (Glen)[16]

But for Danny, it is something different when it comes to the general pop sound of today:

“Against the background of what I class as the shite that’s out right now, it’s really refreshing. It’s not anything different, we just picked up a guitar and played it. But against the backdrop of so much dance and electronic music? A little bit of live, a little bit of air, a little bit of magic in the room, can really set it apart. That’s where we are with the album.”[17]

During the launch the lads talked about the process of how they write songs.

Danny: It can happen at any moment, you can have it over a cup of tea or a glass of whiskey. We just exchange ideas, really, talking about things that are affecting us in our lives. That’s always the way the best songs come out. If there’s something really bothering me, the lads can see it and try to coax the conversation around into finding out really what it is. In a horrible twist of fate it’s like I’m helping a friend but I’m also like that’s a great idea for a song so you come and take their bad feelings and try to make something good out of it.

That’s one of the most powerful things about music and that’s why we got into music in the first place. It’s a place for anger, it’s a place for pain, a place for sadness. It’s also a place for happiness and feeling elevated as well. The process is that we kick around with these things.

Mark: The first step in the process is to live life for a minute and write about things that you can totally relate to. Otherwise it just sounds like anything. You can’t go on live, people will find you out eventually.

Glen: You just can’t go on stage with it. If the heart’s not in it you can’t give a performance that will evoke something real in somebody else.

Mark: We buy into so much into that element of emotive song, lyrics, all that area so much, that if we had one way to do it, if we had a formula, we’d get writer’s block too much. What we enjoy doing is letting the song come naturally and come from anywhere. Try not to rush the song. Because studios are so expensive, a lot of people wanna finish the song in a day sometimes. We try to leave the studio to the very last process, and just find a place where we can write and not look at the clock all the time and think of how expensive the studio is. Sometimes contemplating the song might give you that perfect lyric a month later.

Danny: Sometimes the silence may give you the sound.

Track list

Edit by unknown, source:

Edit by unknown, source:

1. No Good in Goodbye (read more + lyrics)
2. Superheroes (read more + lyrics)
3. Man on a Wire (read more + lyrics)
4. It’s Not Right For You (read more + lyrics)
5. The Energy Never Dies (read more + lyrics)
6. Flares
7. Army of Angels
8. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”
9. Paint The Town Green (read more + lyrics)
10. Without Those Songs
11. Hail Rain or Sunshine
12. How at the Moon (iTunes preorder only)

The first single, Superheroes started to be played on the radios from the 21st of July, 2014 worldwide.

What do you think of the album?

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