The Energy Never Dies

One of the songs that were introduced with theNo Sound Without Silence album reveal in July, 2014, The Energy Never Dies was for long planned to be single but sadly, was never released as one.

[Click here for the lyrics, and click here for videos of The Energy Never Dies]

Behind the song

The lads talked a lot about this song during the #TheScriptGoogleReveal and emphasised how important the main sentiment is for them.


No matter what happens, where we go as human beings at the end of the day, that energy cannot be destroyed, it has to go somewhere else. We really-really buy into that.


The essence of it, the energy itself it love. Where do we go when we’re gone? I firmly believe that we go somewhere else, we’re more than the sum of our parts.

It represents what they believe in, collectively and individually and from that point of view it’s a rare song for The Script: it’s not about a snapshot of their lives, it’s about what’s behind all those moments.

The energy between two beings, guy and a girl or a guy and guy, girl and a girl, will never die. Even after this when we die and you go to wherever you believe you’re gonna go, I do believe that you will meet the person again. No sound without silence, there’s no me without you, just ties into an ethos on the record. (Danny, 2014)

But it’s far from them trying to convince us that we should all believe in the same theory. They’ve created a song that is more than what they believe in. Back in the hangout video Danny explained about the chorus:

“When you know your days are numbered and you’re looking in my eyes, well it’s ok because the energy never dies”

You find some solace in that, if you’re not a religious person or if you don’t believe in an afterlife. The energy goes somewhere. We are more than the sum of our own parts. I think it’s a beautiful thing to say to somebody in that moment if the do find out that they don’t have long left that it’s ok because I will see you on the other side.

It’s a really powerful song and it’s a gorgeous sentiment but as you can hear it the live energy is just thrown in that as well. It’s a really energetic song about a really positive thing.

Hotpress confirmed the last sentiment in their article about the 5-song-preview:

“It’s an up-tempo number, with drums driving the song along. There’s a prominent ‘oh-woah-oh’ segment that has the boys dreaming of giant festival crowds singing along. It’s not hard to see it becoming a reality.”

And real it has become.

After the initial album launch gigs of 2014, The Energy Never Dies went through a serious revamp for the No Sound Without Silence world tour in 2015. The album version carried an imminent sadness but that was completely replaced by pure joy of the live version, becoming a celebration of life and maybe more importantly, of the moment that the band and audience share at the concert.

Later, in another interview with Irish Mirror Danny added:

“It’s a really important message. It plays into the artwork in a way, our love is energy, we are all made of frequency and frequency is sound, it’s all intermingled into the one thing.”

With that ethos, The Script once again managed to make the listener feel that them and us, everywhere in the world, we’re the same. We’re not alone, we’re in this together.

[Click here for the lyrics, and click here for videos of The Energy Never Dies]

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