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About the album

They say that making a second album is the hardest thing a band will have to do during their career. The first songs are born out of sheer love, inspiration, passion. The second album has tight deadlines, expectations, fans to please. But a successful bands will rise all above that and stick to what they’re the best. In the case of The Script, it’s their honesty about the life they live and the issues that touch them.

Science & Faith has a lot of those. From the contradiction of the band’s success and their friends’ struggle with recession, to the love the new parent Mark Sheehan was feeling, it returned to the heartache of a breakup as well. It seems to be a topic that the band constantly wonders about: how to move on when things don’t work out? How does it really feel when you’re not ready to let go yet?

Musically, my sense is that piano parts are less dominant than on the first album. From long intros like in You Won’t Feel A Thing or Science and Faith to the unique guitar riff of Nothing, the electric guitar took over the sound.

The other characteristic of the album is more intense use of big choruses that are perfect for live singalongs at a gig of any size. Having supported U2, Take That and Paul McCartney in stadiums, The Script have developed a strong ambition to fill bigger places on their own so they made an album for it.

Science & Faith managed to stick to what had been successful on the first album and took it onto a different point of view.


The release

The album was recorded in London (Sphere Studios) and Los Angeles (Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio).

There were two special editions for the Science & Faith album. In 2011 a “Tour Edition” was released in Asia including ‘Bullet From A Gun’, ‘Science & Faith’ live and a bonus DVD. The DVD contained the music videos for ‘For the First Time’ and ‘Nothing’, two behind the scenes segments, a director’s cut video, a television performance clip, and a short documentary trailing the band’s performance at Arthur’s Day in Ireland.

With most bands the second album usually performs worse than the first but The Script made Science & Faith more successful than the first. It was number 1 album in the UK and Ireland, reached number 2 in Australia and number 3 in the US, slightly out-doing the first album. It’s multi-platinum in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Mark said about the chart results that it’s always important to them how an album performs in the eyes of their audience.

“You never expect those things, it’s always quite shocking, you have a real out of body, surreal moment. We worked so hard on the music, we spent all our time on the music and locked ourselves away for some time – we lost the plot for a while (laughs) – but with the number one, it really supercharged our confidence, it felt like we were doing the right thing with our music.”



  • Andrew Frampton (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 10, 11)
  • Daniel O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, Steve Kipner (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 10, 11)
  • Andrew Frampton (tracks: 2, 4, 6, 8)


  • Ben Sargeant
  • Mark Sheehan
  • Andrew Frampton
  • Steve Kipner
  • Daniel O’Donoghue
  • Glen Power

Mastered by:

  • Ted Jensen

Mixed by:

  • Mark “Spike” Stent


  • Steve Averill
  • Gary Kelly
  • Kevin Westenberg


science and faith artwork

The approach

The band didn’t intend to change the sounds from the first album. As Danny explained:

“We are more confident about our sound, so you really want to fine tune your writing skills.  Find the essence of what we do, songs that mean something, that people would like to sing out loud at a concert.”

Being on the road so long, connecting with fans and what they liked made the making of the album easier. Glen said in an interview:

“We’re more confident about our sound because of all the touring we’ve done. It rubs off on you, gives you confidence when you go out there.”

Mark explained how important it was to get a sound that would play well live:

“We’ve gone from playing little clubs to doing theatres, festivals and stadiums. It’s a little bit shocking to us as new band, playing to these mass audiences.  And we feel we have to touch everybody, hit ever fucker in there.”

Track list


  • You Won’t Feel A Thing (lyrics and chart info here)
  • For The First Time
  • Nothing
  • Science & Faith (read more here)
  • If You Ever Come Back
  • Long Gone And Moved On
  • Dead Man Walking
  • This = Love
  • Walk Away
  • Exit Wounds


  • Bullet From A Gun
  • Walk Away featuring B.o.B.

(More info on the songs on the links above – continuously expanding.)

Interesting stats

  • 10 songs + bonus track on US version: “Bullet from a gun”
  • 42 mins length in total (UK version)
  • Shortest song: Walk Away
  • Longest song: You Won’t Feel a Thing
  • Total word count of the lyrics, including bonus track: 2542, using 627 different words
  • Top words: you, love, nothing, ever, now, know, oh, come, back


What do you think of album?


Listen to the album on Spotify:

Click here to read about all The Script albums.

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